Sea Scamp

1.   General

This policy is issued by the Sea Scamp Syndicate (“Sea Scamp”) to its Members as defined in the Club Rules (“the Members”).

This policy describes which personal data is processed and the legal grounds on which it is processed depending on the type of personal data.

2. Definition of personal data and processing of personal data

The term “personal data” is used to describe any information that may be used to identify, directly or indirectly, a specific individual.

Processing of personal data is any operation or set of operations which is taken in relation to personal data, whether or not it occurs by automatic means, for example collection, recording, organisation, storage, adaptation or alteration, retrieval, gathering or otherwise making information available, alignment or combination and blocking.

3. Description of personal data and legal grounds for processing it

Personal data collected and processed by Sea Scamp relating to the Members includes:

  • Dates of birth so that the boat can be appropriately crewed.
  • Data that enables Sea Scamp to contact the Members, including to organise social events, crewing and refit: name, address, email address, telephone number and car registration number so that they can enjoy free parking at Shamrock Quay.
  • Sailing qualifications, to record the Members’ grades (Qualified Crew, Watch Leader, Mate, Skipper) and compose a crew.
  • VHF certificate, which is legally required to operate a radio.
  • First aid qualifications to establish that they meet the requirements for certain grades.
  • Emergency contact name and telephone number to enable Sea Scamp to contact them in the event of emergency.
  • Medical information (including that imparted to Skippers by crew members) which may be recorded in the deck log as required by the law.

The personal data described above, with the exception of medical information, may be shared with the Offshore Cruising Club (OCC) because all Sea Scamp and OCC Members have reciprocal rights to sail on Sea Scamp and Overlord.

Photographs of Members may be published in Sea Scamp’s Journal along with articles and any personal information they provide for that purpose. Photographs may also be published on Sea Scamp’s website and Facebook page and any other media used by Sea Scamp from time to time. In those instances, the concerned Members’ express written consent shall be obtained before publication.

4.  How personal data is handled

Sea Scamp will only process personal data for the purposes for which it was collected as described above. Members’ contact details will also be shared with other Members, on the clear understanding that it may only be used for the purposes of Sea Scamp as set out in this policy. Members who do not wish their contact details shared with other Members must so inform the Membership Secretary.

Sea Scamp has taken appropriate measures for the protection of personal data to ensure that only authorised persons are given access to that personal data. Sea Scamp is using technical security systems such as, but not limited to, passwords and anti-virus programs to prevent and avoid unauthorised access to personal data.

Sea Scamp shall provide personal data to relevant authorities when so required by the law e.g. when landing abroad or when reporting an incident.

Members’ personal data will not be transferred outside of the EU/EEA.

5. How long Sea Scamp keeps Members’ personal data

Sea Scamp will keep Members’ personal data for no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which their personal data is processed.

Sea Scamp will keep personal data as required in order to fulfill its legal obligations.

6. Miscellaneous

In order to ensure compliance with the applicable data protection legislation, as amended from time to time, this policy may be amended by Sea Scamp at any given time. Sea Scamp will inform its Members of any change by email. The currently applicable policy will be available on Sea Scamp’s website and is available on request from the Membership Secretary. Any breach of this policy will be taken seriously and may result in cancellation of membership and other necessary actions.

Members must notify Sea Scamp of any changes of their personal data in order to ensure accurate processing of personal data.

Dated the 23rd of May 2018